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SDCA Library Catalog:
We have a wonderful collection of books in our library for you to check out.  The following listing by categories are provided by our librarian for your convenience.  Please feel free to come check out the books during school hours.
我們圖書館有很豐富的藏書供大家閱讀. 以下是由圖書館長整理的分類書單. 歡迎大家到中文學校時前來借書.
SDCA Library Directory List
010 字典 (Dictionary)
030 補充教材 (Supplementary Material)
040 語言學 (Linguistics)
050 教具 (Teaching Aid)
060 教育原理 (Education Principle)
100 自然科學 (Natural Sciences)
210 歷史 (History)
221 風俗 (Custom)
222 成語,民間故事 (Idiom, Folk Story)
310 音樂 (Music)
320 兒歌,童謠 (Nursery Song)
330 謎語,遊戲 (Riddle)
340 民俗藝術 (Folk Art)
410 詩歌 (Poetry)
420 兒童文學 (Children's Literature)
421 漫畫 (Cartoon/Comic Book)
510 親子教育 (Parent Child Education)
520 小說與文學 (Novel and Literature)
530 其他 (Other)
710 光碟 (DVD &CD)
000 新增 (Newly Added)
Posted on 10/03/2012